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Master Bushing Accessories

a) CTG Bit Breaker Adapter Plates are installed inside the master bushing drive pin holes and provide a 13 9/16 inch square hole to connect Bit Breakers. They are used for type MPCH, MSPC, MDSP master bushing and MSP master bushing. P/N: 1816 is used for 23-49 1/2 inch master bushings, P/N: 1815 is used for 17 1/2-21 inch master bushings.


b) CTG Lifting Slings are used for removing and installing bushings and insert bowls.

With 2 hooks P/N 1021 – used to remove and install insert bowls.

With 4 hooks P/N 6699 – used to remove and install bushings


c) Bit breakers are mostly used for screwing standard 3-cone bits.

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